US: White House Boycott Obviously Impeachment

Saturday, 07.12.2019

The White House apparently wants to boycott the impeachment trial against US President Donald Trump. In a letter circulated by the US media, it called on the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives to stop the "completely pointless" and unfair investigations. The Democrats have already wasted enough time on their investigations, wrote the White House Legal Director, Pat Cipollone.


Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler had asked the White House to announce by Friday afternoon (local time) whether Trump's representatives would attend the hearings. The letter did not answer this question explicitly, but, in view of the very critical choice of words, clearly indicated that Trump's lawyers wanted to stay away from the proceedings.

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This Thursday, the Democrats had announced that they would initiate impeachment proceedings against Trump. Already in the investigation in advance, the White House had denied cooperation. Even Trump himself had refused to speak before the Judiciary Committee or to send a lawyer.

  Legal Department Leader Cipollone has now written that continuing impeachment efforts is a "reckless abuse of power by Democrats in the House of Representatives." It was an unfair, party-politically motivated and unconstitutional attempt to depose a president.

So it goes on in the process now

The Judiciary Committee is now drafting charges before the House of Representatives decides whether or not to remove Trump from office. If a majority of MPs vote for it, it would come in the Republican-controlled Senate to a kind of trial against Trump.

  A condemnation there is considered unlikely, as would have to vote for about 20 Republicans with their democratic colleagues. Trump has indicated that the White House would participate in the Senate trial.

  The procedure was triggered by the Ukraine Affair. Trump had launched an investigation into his political rival Joe Biden in a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj in July. The Democrats accuse Trump of abuse of office and accuse him of being dependent on the announcement of such investigations a visit of Selenskyj in the White House and the release of military aid. Trump rejects the allegations.

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