Boris Johnson about Harry, Meghan and the Royals: "Absolutely confident that they will sort it out"

Boris Johnson believes in the power of the British crown. The Prime Minister said in an interview with British broadcaster BBC that he had no doubt that the royal family would fix their problems. "I am a big fan of the Queen and the Royal Family, they are a great asset to our country," said Johnson.

Shortly before, Head of State Queen Elizabeth II had already spoken to her 35-year-old grandson Prince Harry and his 38-year-old wife Duchess Meghan. The couple want to resign from their royal duties. The queen said that "constructive discussions" had been held about the future of her grandson Harry and his family. "My family and I support Harry's and Meghan's desire to start a new life as a young family." The Queen granted them a transition period in which they could live in both countries. Before her marriage to Harry, Duchess Meghan had lived in Canada for a while as an actress.

Prime Minister Johnson then said optimistically: "I am absolutely confident that they will sort this out," said the Tory politician – adding that they would probably do better without special advice from him. Debate on security costs for Harry and Meghan in Canada In Canada, Prince Harry's and his wife's decision to spend part of their time in the Commonwealth country is causing debate. For example, the Canadian government is considering protecting the prominent couple. "I think that's part of the thinking that needs to be done and talks are going on," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in an interview with Canadian television broadcaster Global. "We are not entirely sure what the final decision will be," said Trudeau. "Many discussions are still needed". Basically, the Canadians supported that the couple wanted to live in their country.

Earlier, Canadian Treasury Secretary Boll Morneau had rejected British press reports that Trudeau pledged to Queen Elizabeth II that Canada could cover the security costs for Harry and Meghan. "We haven't spent any time thinking about this," said Morneau. Canada, however, wanted to "play a role" as a member of the Queen's Commonwealth. The Queen is also the official head of state in Canada.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had unexpectedly announced that they would live with their son Archie in Great Britain and Canada in the future, live a financially independent life and, in part, withdraw from their royal duties. In a crisis meeting on Monday, Queen Elizabeth II had basically approved the plans. According to Canadian media, the protection of Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan and their son Archie is expected to cost around $ 1.7 million a year.
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