DEL: Red Bull Munich serves Cologne sharks from

The German ice hockey runner-up EHC Red Bull Munich succeeded in clearing goalie Danny from the birches in the DEL comeback against the Cologne sharks. The league leaders prevailed 4-1 (0-1, 2-0, 2-0), with Christopher Bourque (35th) and Trevor Parkes (37th) both outnumbering and making up for the early deficit. Canadian striker Parkes (42nd) with his second goal and U20 international Justin Schütz (44th) left no doubt about the first success after two defeats.

Cologne's Zachery Sill had overcome the birch trees in less than two minutes. However, the sharks themselves did not use an overpowering situation and suffered the fifth defeat in succession. Birken, national goalkeeper at the 2018 Olympic Games, had been absent since November due to a leg injury. Munich is nine points ahead of Mannheim's eagles in the table. The champion had already won 7: 2 against the Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven on Thursday at the start of the 36th game day. Surprise team Straubing Tigers suffered a 2: 5 (1: 0, 1: 2, 0: 3) defeat at the previous bottom of the list Iserlohn Roosters. Iserlohn gave the red lantern of the bottom of the table to the Schwenninger Wild Wings, who lost 1: 3 (1: 2, 0: 1, 0: 0) to the Augsburg Panthers. The fourth-placed Eisbären Berlin lost 1: 2 (0: 0, 0: 1, 1: 1) at Düsseldorfer EG and are ten points behind Straubing.DEG wins against the Eisbären, the duel of Düsseldorfer EG with fourth-placed Eisbären Berlin was decided by Maximilian Kammerer , The formally strong DEG striker scored the winning goal for the hosts 2: 1 (0: 0, 1: 0, 1: 1) just ten minutes before the end. Düsseldorf is seventh in the table ahead of the Cologne sharks, and the Nuremberg Ice Tigers crisis club celebrated another success after a long dry spell. The economically troubled Franks came after a recent eight defeats to a 1-0 (0-0, 1-0, 0-0) against the Krefeld penguins. The highest day's victory was won by ERC Ingolstadt with 7: 1 (2: 0, 4: 1, 1: 0) at the Grizzlys Wolfsburg

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