Jungle Camp 2020: Day 6 – All blasphemy over Danni

 Danni and Elena are chained to each other on the sixth day in the jungle test "Navies dungeons" in the dark to star hunt. Danni moans without a plan and Elena leads her through the darkness. In the camp Elena then makes a great monologue that does not spare any of her fellow campers. Her insight: "We are all crazy." Sonja also shows her second face and pulls over Danni from the leather. Jungle test "Navies dungeon": Danni and Elena chained together in the dark! Chained together, Elena and Danni have to pass the jungle test "Navies dungeon". For Danni it is already the 6th test in a row and for the third time the two campers have to do it together. Elena's left arm is connected with a chain with Danni's left leg. The two stars have to search for a total of eleven stars in a dark dungeon full of animals within eleven minutes. It is so dark that the stars in the extensive dungeon can only be felt. The two mothers listen to the explanation of Dr. Bob on. Then it starts: hand in hand they venture into the dungeon. "Don't let go," Danni begs desperately. The door closes behind the two, time is running out. Both are petrified in the darkness. Elena takes the initiative: "Come on, we have to do something. Think about the food! Come on Danni, we can do it!" Finally the two move, bend their knees. While Danni is only concerned with what and which animals she might touch, Elena searches for possible stars with her hands on the floor. Danni is startled: "Something just pissed!" Elena stays cool: "It doesn't matter!" She finds the first star on the floor. This success seems to inspire Elena. With calm and serenity she leads Danni through the dark and talks to her. But it doesn't really help. While Danni moans and screams haphazardly, Elena continues to search everything with her hands and even finds a second star. Just a minute more. "Go on, go on Danni," Elena calls. There is no further – the time is over. "Shit, we should have been a lot faster," Elena's conclusion. Correctly! Therefore only two stars and hardly anything to bite for the jungle campers.
Elena’s monologue: Crazy, crazy, crazy: On the sixth day of the jungle, Elena is slowly becoming weary in the head. On her lounger, the reality star makes a great monologue that does not spare any of her fellow campers. "We are all crazy," she starts talking to herself. "If a psychologist or a clinic watches, we have a lot of patients here. Everyone is crazy," the 27-year-old diagnoses the stay in the jungle and stares at the sky. And further: "Toni is crazy, but loving. Sonja is in a good mood and a good cook. Raúl is very nice. Markus thinks I am correct. Prince is crazy – but something like that. Marco is crazy too – with his energy boosts of course you can't take it seriously. " So much for her assessment of the fellow campers that Elena thinks is good. On the other hand, she sees Danni, Claudia and Sven negatively: "With Danni you don't know how, where or what? With Claudia I have no plan at all. Sven, he never hits the right note, always shouts and gives orders. But not with me. " Elena also goes to court with herself: "I'm not that normal either. Somehow I ended up here." She further monologues to the overall situation: "We are all tired, so little food, it is slowly getting serious. The masks are falling. The groups are splitting. My head continues to say and my body says: give up. It is not easy here. I have no caregiver what is really shitty. I miss my family. " What worries the youngest mother the most is: "Do all people hate me? It goes through my head at the moment. It doesn't matter if someone hates me. But when many hate you, it's hard."
Sonja's second face: Resistance forms against the Büchner widow: When Danni and Elena are on their way to the jungle test, Sonja takes the chance to pull off Danni. Prince Damien, Toni, Anastasiya, Markus and Raúl listen to the 55-year-old. Danni's basic tone is aggressive, according to the actress. "Danni pulls us into a conversation and if you give an answer, you get one." She was tired of always saying "yes and amen" to the cult emigrant. Not only her aggressiveness, but also her negativity annoys Sonja: "We discipline ourselves and get infected in a good mood. But there is a person who doesn't ask us how we're doing." Markus agrees with her: "I wouldn't have come here in her place." And Prince Damien: "She just miscalculated." For Raúl it is clear: "We do not have to accept her behavior." According to Sonja, the group is too submissive towards Danni and everyone just nods their behavior: "Everyone is being plumbed here. No one speaks against it." Sonja pushes her criticism against Danni on the jungle phone: "We are not responsible for Danni having to check so often. The mood has become insanely aggressive. We all have too little food, too little sleep and too little space for ourselves." All campers would try not to get stuck in the jungle, according to Sonja. "I have a lot of understanding for every problem. But if that always happens with an aggressive undertone, that will be too much for me. It doesn't have to be! If we were all so aggressive, all eleven people, we would eat each other up. Consideration yes, but at some point, if the mood is poisoned, it would be hypocritical. There is nobody here because he has to be here. Everyone has reasons for being here. Nobody has to stay here. There is no reason to snort at anyone aggressively. "
Marco's energy surge: Marco thaws again: The Bachelorette candidate flies a spider by an "energy surge". Sven and Sonja have a great time. In the camp, Marco, who has the black belt, shows Sven how the "energy shock" works. On the jungle phone he explains where he gets the energy from in the jungle and what types of energy surges there are.
Of course at the end of day 6 there was again a decision about who has to take the next jungle test "Coffee and Swearing". Once again, the audience's two favorite campers: Elena and Danni. Can you really deliver this time?

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