"Jungle Camp" – Day 5: Mother disgrace and the "IDIOTEN"

              Daniela gets ZERO stars, the first campers are maximally stoned and new languages ​​emerge. Kafka's name falls and bean water purifies the soul. Except for one: They are currently planning – CAUTION – the really big coup!
              "I can show my children how to overcome their fears every day," says Daniela before her jungle test. Daniela, seconds later: "I'm a star, get me out of here!" You read correctly, abort after just a few moments. Germany's "most hated woman" suffers a panic attack at the camp on day 5 when she sees two snakes. The little animals are a hundred meters away from her and chill their lives, as the steep millennials tend to say today, but there are supposed to be snakes that are faster than twenty cheetahs at speed! There are also huge piles of rumen in the "Ge-Elevator", which one snake has to take to get to the other! A sight that drives the zero-star bringer into despair. "How can the audience simply indulge in seeing someone suffering?" Cries Daniela and then pushes in with the finest theatrical emphasis: "Seeing a MOTHER suffering?" Yes, she was "all alone" in the evil rumen elevator and the spectators – "these idiots" – spend 50 cents for her every day. But this panic attack was really so bad that the sufferer only overcomes it by talking a lot: "Oh God, I can't get myself any further!" Even the hungry mouths think as a mother embarrassed trot back to the camp and announce the starless message. Everyone has animal jail; some "would now even eat cat food", but if Daniela is just scared of snakes! But hey, Danni, "you tried it!", It is built up by funny, positive people. Yes, um, NO!?! The clever move of Daniela B. The behavior of Daniela B. now irritates everyone. The pianist is amazed at the "victim attitude" in which she "wallows" and the Venus trap about her remarkably frequent tears, because "crying is something very intimate even for an actor". But what do we know – "the idiots" – already !? We have no idea whether she might have been secretly meeting Til Schweiger, our German Joaquin Phoenix, for the past few weeks. Or maybe she has been successfully coaching all of the youngsters in reality underground on Malle? Everything seems possible with "the mother of my children" – everything. * Data protection First move, for example, to land a clean coup in a dramedy cast: If you have done absolutely nothing yourself and managed to bite, you can be sure that the others start to drink the bean water out of sheer jail. This is great! People just love you for such actions! A new language in the jungle THAT WAS DAY 5 IN THE JUNGLE CAMP Heroes of the day: Sonja and Daniel who have to endure DanielasTheater.Quote of the day: "They're idiots!" (Danni about the people who choose them for the exam.) Linguist of the day: Marco Cerullo invents a new language – Cerullian. Legal assistant of the day: "Zwenn" advises on the wendy war of roses. Knowledge of the day: Elena believes Danni is only playing one Role. ERRTUM. To the next exam must again: Danni and Elena. Day 5 is also a day of deep despair. Marco realizes that he was very angry with his mom in the past. The former "Hauptschule" had also fallen victim to the fire water. But gradually, in the setting light of the Australian evening sun, this hated digital detox also brings out beautiful things. We hear a completely new language – Cerullian: And it sounds like this: "Weissteja, datwarhartweissu, the past swear, who knows what I mean – HARD TIME!" Yes, of course, Marco, Love! And props for you, Digga! Meanwhile, "Zwenn" opens the folding knife in your pocket because of the handling after the wendy marriage. Claudia, we remember, broke and insolvent, lives in her own Florida apartment in the guest room, while Wendler and Laura are lounging on the sofa in the living room she has set up and watching Teletubbies. Is that fair? Or how "Eleeena" would ask: "Where's the fairness?" No marriage contract, no agreements. Hello, where's the maintenance, Ottke wants to know. "Lawyer, IMMEDIATELY lawyer," he advises her and could really get into this "irreverent inhumanity". Man, Claudia, you get "half of everything, (…) every fart is yours!" But Mooooment: Such a life as a sugar daddy is often expensive! Legate, Kafka and 50 cent linguist Marco is very meek. (Photo: TVNOW) While doing yoga, Anastasiya and Raúl successfully go on a treasure hunt, where life gives them a lemon. And then, yes then, there is another night watch, where reality thoroughbred Daniela warms up to the next step and relentlessly unpacks in front of the shocked Claudia: bad father, mother beat up, "weakness for bouncer", insulted as "black widow", 36 years old father with a 16-year-old punched in (Claudia has to swallow here), "hurt himself", had "borderline", found a "soul mate" and hey, "I could cry again". Daniel and Sonja really try everything , so that the viewer has mercy on her and no longer invests 50 cents in a Daniela call. They even threaten to have Legat Kafka read. But firstly, Kafka is filming Gregor Samsa with Florian Silbereisen on the dream ship and secondly Legat cannot read clearly. Therefore: Danni back in the exam! And when Sidekick Elena, poor woman. What else happened: The sweet Prince feels "lost" and believes that because of his bisexuality he is "not quite kosher" and "cannot feel love" and Elena wishes for a second child. Some people seem stoned to the max. The junk, however, must have smoked some tree bark! He is actually pushing the tripp, the 2:00 p.m. slot of his scrap show could slip into prime time – i.e. from day to evening. But as we learned yesterday, it is not always in the evening when it is dark and days are not always bright. Like the "idiots" who call for Daniela. Day 5 ends with a Cerullian word that stands for more understanding: "Weisswasischmeinschwör." "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" runs daily on RTL until January 25 and can be called up at TVNOW at any time. 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