Kobe Bryant is dead: "One of the best basketball heads in history"

After the sudden death of former basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, thousands of fans and friends share their grief online. Former basketball legend Bill Russel, who still holds the record for most NBA player championship titles, wrote on Twitter that his wife Jeannine and he were "absolutely shocked" by the death of "one of my favorite people and one of the best." Basketball heads in the history of the game ". They are in the heart of Bryant's wife Vanessa and the couple's daughters and would pray for the family.

Today's NBA professional Joel Embiid wrote that he didn't even know where to start. "I started playing basketball for Kobe after seeing the 2010 finals." He had never watched basketball before, the finals were the turning point in his life. "I wanted to be like Kobe," Embiid wrote. He was "damn sad".

Trae Young, who is currently a contract with the Atlanta Haws as a basketball player, also emphasized Bryant's role model. "All the lessons, all the advice, every word you've ever said to me …" he wrote, "will always stay with me." He thanked Bryants and shared a photo of himself with his late friend.

Other sports greats also condoled. Former German NBA professional Detlef Schrempf wrote: "Unreal. Kobe dead at 41. Prayers go to the families of all five victims." Usain Bolt, eight-time Olympic sprint champion, wrote "I still can't believe it." Six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady posted two hearts and two clasped hands and wrote, "We already miss you, Kobe." US gymnast Simone Biles shared a photo of her with other gymnasts and Bryant. "Rest in peace Kobe" is above the photo.

In addition to athletes, well-known musicians also expressed dismay. Hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan wrote on Twitter that they were "shocked and sad" about Bryant's death. "A man who takes basketball to a new level and sports overall. One of the greatest athletes of all time." Singer Bruno Mars described Bryant on Twitter as "real life superheroes" on the pitch – "and I'm sure he was one for his family too". He was in thoughts and prayers with Bryant's family. It was heartbreaking.

The helicopter in which Bryant was sitting had crashed this Sunday morning (local time) in foggy weather and caught fire. The fire department said there were no survivors on board. The fire also made it difficult for rescue workers to get to the scene of the accident, the Los Angeles Times said, citing a spokesman.

Bryant was one of the most successful and influential professionals in basketball history. "Kobe means so much for the league, for basketball worldwide," said German basketball professional Dirk Nowitzki when Bryant ended his career in April 2016 after 20 years in the NBA. "He was the Michael Jordan of our generation." Bryant was married and had four daughters.
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