Queen And Slim: New Trailer for US Cinema Success

 The US surprise hit QUEEN & SLIM is causing a sensation with “Cinema Boyouts” by well-known music greats and is now bringing its important message to Germany. The film takes place in the turbulent times of modern, media-dominated America and takes a sharp look at the current social and political climate of the country through the unfiltered lens of the story of a defiant but life-affirming love between two African-American protagonists. "Get Out" star Daniel Kaluuya and screen discovery Jodie Turner-Smith play the main roles in the touching drama QUEEN & SLIM by director Melina Matsoukas and screenwriter Lena Waithe – in the tradition of "Thelma & Louise" and of course "Bonnie & Clyde" ,
About the film: On the way back after their first date, a young black couple is stopped by a police officer for a nullity. When the situation gets out of hand, Slim (Daniel Kaluuya) shoots the policeman in self-defense to rescue the young lawyer Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith), who does not want to accept the police attack. The dashcam recording of the incident makes the two unambiguous "police killers" for the state authorities but also heroic symbolic figures while the video becomes a viral hit.
All the pain of innocently killed black people, the trauma of police arbitrariness and the continuing anger about a still racist system unloaded in a wave of support and protests for the two refugees. This is how a desperate and dangerous odyssey begins, on which the two come closer and closer together and a deep understanding and unconditional love for each other grows.
QUEEN & SLIM will be released on January 9, 2020, distributed by Universal Pictures International Germany. See the new trailer for the film in our video player.

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