Raids on ex-diplomats and lobbyists for espionage for China

Attorney General Peter Frank is investigating a former EU diplomat from Germany and two employees of a well-known German lobby company on suspicion of espionage for China. According to SPIEGEL information, two of them are said to have provided private and business information to the Chinese Ministry of State Security. The third suspect is said to have only agreed to this.

On behalf of the Federal Prosecutor's Office, police officers have searched a total of nine properties in Berlin, Brussels, Baden-W├╝rttemberg and Bavaria for SPIEGEL information since early morning. These are the accused's homes and offices, and if the allegations are confirmed, it would be one of the very few cases in which Chinese spies are actually exposed. There is always talk of China's large-scale espionage operations in Germany and Europe. In fact, the investigators are rarely successful against Beijing's secret services. In his role for the EU, he held leadership positions in Brussels, later he was EU ambassador in several countries.

He ended his career at the EU in 2017 and joined a lobby company he has worked for since then. According to the investigators, he is said to have started to leak information to his Chinese senior officer in the same year. He is also said to have recruited the two other suspects. One of the two is said to have traveled to China for a meeting with his alleged executive officer. The lobby company concerned has advised well-known major German companies in the past.
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