Top 10 of the decade: This series secures the title

 Many comics have won the hearts of fans in this decade. But only very special candidates end up in the new Top 100 list. We'll tell you which series has won the top title. In 2003, one of the most popular end-time scenarios started. At that time, the first cult comic from The Walking Dead appeared. The post-apocalyptic story about the survivors Rick Grimes and Co. started a global boom at the latest seven years later with the AMC television series of the same name. Now the comic series of the zombie franchise created by Robert Kirkman and finished in July last year has secured a new record. The Walking Dead snatches the title of the best-selling graphic novel of the decade, as reported by Previews World. But the walking dead appear several times in the top 100 list.
The list here lists the best series candidates from January 2010 to December 2019. The first The Walking Dead book Volume 1: Days Gone Bye comes in first place. This contains the first six comic editions. The series appears several times in the list, including three times among the ten best-selling works. The zombie apocalypse leaves DC and Marvel far behind. Here is an overview of the top 10:
1. The Walking Dead TP Vol. 1 (Image Comics)
2. Saga TP Vol. 1 (Image Comics)
3. Batman The Killing Joke HC (DC Comics)
4. The Waking Dead TP Vol. 2 (Image Comics)
5. Saga TP Vol. 2 (Image Comics)
6. Watchmen TP (DC Comics)
7. Civil War TP (Marvel Comics)
8. Saga TP Vol. 3 (Image Comics)
9. The Walking Dead TP Vol. 3 (Image Comics)
10. Dark Knight Returns TP (DC Comics)
What do you think of The Walking Dead having another success? The cult series returns with the second half of season 10 on February 23, 2020. German viewers can tune in on FOX and Sky Ticket a day later. You can now see the trailer for the second half in our video player.

Source: Previews World

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