USA: “New York Times” promotes democrats Klobuchar and Warren

The editorial board of the "New York Times" chose a dramatic look for their intervention in the US presidential election campaign. In white letters on a gray background, she announces her decision to support two democratic politicians. That was a "break with the convention" – in past election campaigns the paper had committed itself to one person.

Below are two portraits of Amy Klobuchar, the moderate Senator from Minnesota, and Elizabeth Warren, the progressive Senator from Massachusetts. The newspaper's editorial board believes these two are best suited to beat incumbent Donald Trump in the November presidential election.

The article leaves no doubt that Trump must be voted out of office. The president stood for "white nativism" in his own country and "America First" solo entries abroad, brazen corruption, escalating cultural struggles, a judiciary full of ideologues and the worship of a mythological past in which the hierarchy in American society was clearly defined ,

But who should compete against him? Experienced ex-vice president Joe Biden, maybe, or Bernie Sanders, who failed at Hillary Clinton in 2016? No, the New York Times leadership believes, Biden promises to return to the old days and is already 77 years old: "It is time for him to pass the torch on to a new generation of political leaders." Sanders also said towards 80, and his health after the heart attack in October was a cause for concern. Politically, Sanders showed too little willingness to compromise. Instead, the "New York Times" opted for Amy Klobuchar as representative of the moderate Democratic wing and for the party link Elizabeth Warren. They are "the most effective advocates" of the respective camp. While Klobuchar embodies the charisma and determination of the Midwest, Warren is "a talented storyteller". The New York Times does not express a preference for either of the two.

Warren joked after the announcement on Twitter that Klobuchar and they are now both "undefeated in elections and undefeated in the support of the New York Times!" Klobuchar simply wrote: "An honor!"

In the past, the paper has often supported candidates who pledged to the Democratic establishment. This is how the “Editorial Board” spoke for Hillary Clinton in 2008 and 2016. In 2000 it was Al Gore, in 2004 John Kerry.
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