Resident Evil series: Story of the new Netflix edition surfaced on the net

 Netflix is ​​working flat out on a new series on the Resident Evil franchise. The streaming giant has so far revealed only a few details about the new edition. But recently, the Netflix Media Center accidentally released a summary of the plot that has since been removed. We tell you what the new series could be about. Resident Evil is one of the absolute cult series that revolutionized the horror genre. Numerous games have been released since 1996 that have given fans goose bumps. This also includes the Resident Evil 2 remake, which went down in history as one of the best games in 2019. The franchise, which revolves around a deadly zombie virus, is very popular worldwide. Netflix has also recognized this and is working on adding Resident Evil to the program as a series. A leaked summary should now roughly explain what the whole thing could look like.
The series is said to play 26 years after the discovery of the T virus. It is the biological super weapon that can bring dead cells back to life. We are in the city of Clearfield, Maryland, USA, where much of the action will take place. Apparently, the story also leads us to Washington D.C., the Umbrella Corporation and the Greenwood Asylum.
Even if the new synopsis has not been confirmed by Netflix, it is striking that the streaming service removed it so quickly. We assume that we can expect an official confirmation or even a first trailer in the near future. The Netflix adaptation is taken over by Studio Constantin Film, which also produced the previous films for Resident Evil. So far there is no exact information about the actor cast.
What do you want from Resident Evil as a new edition of Netflix? In our player you can now find one of the best action scenes from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Just click in to start the video.

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