Rock Hard – CRIMSON SHADOWS: "The Resurrection" EP will be released in mid-March


25.02.2020, 10:06

CRIMSON SHADOWS announce their new EP "The Resurrection" for March 13th via Napalm Records.

The Canadians release cover versions of STRATOVARIUS '' Against The Wind 'and DRAGONFORCE's' Blackfire' as well as a new version of their own song 'Betrayed By The King' on the disc. "We went back to the music and the bands that gave us youth inspired, "said the musicians about the cover tracks. "We also decided to re-record the song 'Betrayed By The King' from 2007 to better illustrate these influences and how they became part of our music and to introduce our early material to the fans again." In the subsequent teaser you can listen to the new recording. Have fun!


Author: Alexandra Michels

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