Rock Hard – Record industry fears effects after fire at Apollo Masters


02/13/2020, 15:50

The record company Apollo Masters, one of two major manufacturers producing the blanks for LPs, could face complete ruin after a fire in Los Angeles, which could have an impact on the entire record industry.

A statement on the company's website speaks of "catastrophic damage" to the production sites and the warehouse. The future of Apollo Masters is currently unclear. Ben Blackwell, co-founder of Third Man Records, said the music magazine "Pitchfork" said: "I suspect this brand will cause problems for the vinyl industry around the world." Apart from the Japanese company MDC, Apollo Masters at the moment the only manufacturer to produce the 14 "blank with a lacquer coating, which are used as the basis for vinyl records. However, according to Blackwell, not all LP manufacturers work with these lacquer coated discs.

Author: Alexandra Michels

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