Rock Hard – STONE SOUR: 'Tumult' demo version in stream


06.02.2020, 08:47

STONE SOUR present the demo version of their song 'Tumult'. In 2002 the studio version of the track appeared on her first album "Stone Sour".

Guitarist Josh Brand remembers the early days of the band and reveals what role the track 'Tumult' played at their first concert: "When Corey Taylor and I finished the demos for" Project X "we knew we had one We had to put the band together to be able to play it live. First we asked Danny Spain (who recorded the drums on the "Project X" demo), but he was in the band DOWN THE SUN then, so he was out Corey then suggested Joel Ekman because the two of us had jammed together a year earlier. Corey made the call and Joel was back on the drums. One day Shawn Economaki (b.) came over to Corey's and heard the "Project X" -Demos on. He said, "That's pretty cool. I guess I'm going to play bass." The second guitarist job was offered to Josh Brainard, the original SLIPKNOT guitarist who was replaced by James Root, who declined the offer to focus on his new project, so the four of us started rehearsing for the first show a week before the show, James told Shawn that he wanted to play with us and became part of the band. We knew we would need a great last song for the concert, so we dug into the STONE SOUR archives and promoted ' Tumult '. This is the original recording from 1996. "


Author: Alexandra Michels

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