Also in veterinary medicine laboratories: Germany wants to test a lot more

              Germany already tests quite a lot for the corona virus. Nevertheless, not everyone who scratches the neck can have a swab taken. The test capacities are now to be significantly expanded.
              According to a media report, the federal government and the federal states are striving to expand the test capacities for infections with the corona virus. The "Bild" newspaper refers to the internal minutes of a conference call between Chancellor Minister Helge Braun (CDU) and the heads of the State Chancelleries of the federal states on Wednesday, saying: "The federal and state governments agree to the testing capacities for the new Corona virus significantly increase. " Recent international and domestic experiences with the corona pandemic have shown that the rapid availability of tests for the coronavirus is essential for the containment and rapid treatment of the sick. The report goes on to say that, according to the decision, the expansion of capacities should be achieved through a "high-throughput method" from pharmaceutical research or through the use of laboratories from veterinary medicine. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn said on Thursday that the capacity was very high with 300,000 to 500,000 tests per week, even in international comparison. He reiterated that Germany was able to start preparations in the medical field early because of the many tests.

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