Angelo Kelly voluntarily gives up on "The Masked Singer"

He was the cockroach: Musician Angelo Kelly (38) voluntarily left the music advice show "The Masked Singer" and took off his costume. "Unfortunately it's over for me. I personally decided to leave early," said the Kelly Family sprout in a video message on Tuesday evening.

The reason: he lives with his family in Ireland. The show meant a big trip for him every week – and that is just not an option at the moment. "It wouldn't be responsible to me, my family, and others," said Kelly. He did not specifically mention the coronavirus pandemic. His withdrawal should be clearly understood in this context.

Before the voluntary unmasking, the advice team made up of singer Rea Garvey, moderator Ruth Moschner and comedian Luke Mockridge had already tapped Angelo Kelly. He had appeared on the ProSieben show, in which celebrities sing hidden under elaborate masks, in a cockroach costume with a gangsta rap look. In a last feature film he wore the mask again. In it he said: "I'm sorry. Every street ends once."

The actress Rebecca Immanuel (49, "Edel & Starck") regularly retired. She had participated in the singing competition in the goddess's disguise – according to ProSieben, the sparkling costume weighed a whopping 35 kilograms. In the first season, Max Mutzke won Behind it was model Franziska Knuppe, who was the second celebrity to leave "The Masked Singer". In the first episode of the new season, singer Stefanie Heinzmann was blown out. The finale is scheduled for April 14, and last season singer Max Mutzke was the last candidate in the race to claim victory. At that time he appeared in an astronaut costume.
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