Bloodshot: See the first 9 minutes of the film here

 Extraordinary situations require special measures. Fast And Furious star Vin Diesel is very familiar with this principle. Due to the cinema closings, his new film Bloodshot is now available in the home theater. We show you here the first 9 minutes from film, of course free of charge.
Vin Diesel's new film is taking on a completely different marketing direction due to the current corona pandemic. Bloodshot will be available for you to rent from March 27, 2020 so that the failed cinema start can at least become a successful home cinema experience. With Amazon Prime Video, the sci-fi pleasure costs just 16.99 euros in pre-order. The rental price should be based on this and roughly refers to the purchase of two cinema tickets. Other films have also followed this path after the cinemas worldwide had to be closed.
With Bloodshot, Vin Diesel enters the world of superheroes. Equipped with special skills, he joins the RST Corporation. Nano-technologies turned the late soldier Ray Garrison into a powerful fighting machine that can heal itself. The theatrical release of the comic book adaptation was unfortunately thwarted by the outbreak of the epidemic. After all, there were a few weeks on the big screen. If you haven't seen the action strip yet, you can do it at home.
If the price for the rental seems too high for you, you can directly decide with the first 9 minutes from Bloodshot whether you consider the film worth borrowing. The action cracker has FSK approval from the age of 16 and is therefore one of the harder superhero films. Check the free preview here in our video player.

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