Bourne 6: agent film allegedly already in the planning stage

 The Bourne trilogy has been around for a few years. Matt Damon was seen again in theaters in 2016 as Jason Bourne, but the actual trilogy ended in 2007. After the movie comeback in 2016, another Bourne film is currently being planned Will has been made into one and now stands against its organization and the government, seems to be a very interesting topic. Finally, the Bourne series has already produced 4 films, a spin-off and a series, all of which are very successful. The latest project in the Bourne universe is the Treadstone series, which has been available on Amazon Prime Video since January. Showrunner Ben Smith's series is about the Treadstone project, which is also known from the films. With the help of the government, a secret branch of the CIA trains killers to then let them go of political opponents. In the series, a new generation of involuntary secret agents tries to understand their fate and possibly reverse it. Fans of Matt Damon unfortunately have to stick to the movies, the Hollywood star is not in the series.
But there is still a little bit of hope for fans of the star. According to Treadstone showrunner Smith, Bourne 6 is currently under construction. What another sequel might be about is still unknown, but the fact that Matt Damon returned to his role in 2016 gives hope. But maybe Jeremy Renner is back in the spotlight or a completely new actor is gaining a foothold in the Bourne universe. It is questionable whether the film will be released in the near future, apart from the information that it is being planned, nothing is known about it. If this information is correct at all, it may take a few more years. Until then, fans can pass the time with the Amazon Prime series Treadstone. Following this article you will find the trailer.

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