Corona crisis: Lower Saxony publishes high school exams – DER SPIEGEL

The Abitur exams in Lower Saxony are scheduled to begin three weeks later than previously planned. The first central exam in history is now to be written on May 11, the last in Latin on May 30. The last oral examination is July 8th.

The Ministry of Culture in Hanover is currently planning to start teaching again for high school graduates from April 20. Whether or not this schedule can be met will be decided and communicated at the beginning of the 16th week of the calendar, the ministry of culture writes on its website. North Rhine-Westphalia has also postponed the exams Mathematics now start on May 20th. The last regular written exam is scheduled for May 28th.

"I think it is the right way to first make every effort so that the exams can take place, but in any case to postpone them," said Lower Saxony's Minister of Culture, Grant Hendrik Tonne (SPD). If the new timetable cannot be met, the tests would be canceled without replacement. The Abitur would then be awarded on the basis of grades in the past four school years.

The neighboring state of North Rhine-Westphalia had previously decided to postpone the final exams by three weeks and the central final exams in class 10 by five days.
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