Corona: How do RTLZWEI's TV stars live during this time?

 As a viewer of RTLZWEI you know them as "real" celebrities or as protagonists of the social documentaries on the TV station. What is your everyday life like in the Corona crisis and in quarantine? A special program takes you into the life of the TV stars and shows how their lives have changed in one fell swoop. For example, the Wollnys, which live very close to the Corona hotspot in Heinsberg. If all 14 family members have to stay at home there, they will get their hair into each other more often and what does Mutti do to relax the situation? How do you buy enough for so many people if you want to leave the house as little as possible?
The Geissens have more money and more space around them. But her life in Saint-Tropez has also changed radically. Davina and Shania, the two daughter, currently have school. However, this only takes place via video conference. But Robert has to leave the safe house because he has injured himself and needs medical help. Can Carmen keep everything germ-free in the apartment?
Hairdresser Jenna, on the other hand, is extremely scared to exist. What will become of her salon and can she still employ all of her employees even after the Corona crisis?
Dagmar from the Benz barracks in Mannheim suffers from the lung disease COPD and is therefore part of the risk group. Now she can't even meet her boyfriend Elvis anymore.
There is a huge distance between Mike Heiter and his wife Elena Miras. She was visiting Switzerland with her daughter when the borders were closed. Now there are many kilometers between the family. When and how will they finally see each other again? Not clear.
All this is shown in the report "Corona Time – How RTLZWEI Stars Live Now" on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 at 9:15 p.m. at RTLZWEI. Incidentally, there has never been such a large production there. 13 companies worked hand in hand to make this TV special possible as quickly as possible.

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