Corona virus: French run marathon on private balcony

Elisha Nochomovitz ran a marathon – in a confined space. "I did the balcony marathon," he wrote on Instagram. "Everything is spinning in my head and I want to throw up." According to his own information, the Frenchman ran for almost seven hours on the seven-meter-long and one-meter-wide balcony of his apartment until, according to his app, he managed the distance of 42.195 km would have.

Nochomovitz shared his attempt with the public, and published live images and videos. His wife provided him with food.

Nochomovitz lives in a suburb of the city of Toulouse. As in all of France, there is a curfew. People are allowed to leave their homes to shop, go to work, or go to the doctor. Exercise in the fresh air is also allowed if the athletes fill out a form, but Nochomovitz wanted to avoid this: if everyone was outside, it would not help to prevent the spread of the corona virus. "So the message that we should stay at home has no influence," he said.

He has already trained for a marathon. "I had to make it clear to myself that I can still run 40 kilometers – regardless of the conditions."
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