Coronavirus News on Sunday – the most important developments regarding Sars-CoV-2 and Covid-19

Britons with pre-existing conditions are said to be staying at home for three months 07:39 a.m .: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, up to 1.5 million people in the UK who are particularly susceptible to pre-existing conditions should stay at least three months at home. UK health officials on Sunday take "additional" measures to "shield themselves". The request applies, among other things, to blood or bone cancer patients, people suffering from cystic fibrosis or patients after an organ transplant.

People who belonged to one or more risk groups would be contacted by their general practitioner or specialist or both, and asked to stay at home for a period of "at least twelve weeks". There will be a dedicated hotline and food and medication delivery services, and Paul Johnstone, director of Public Health England, said those affected should not go shopping, travel, or go out in their free time. In Britain, 233 people have already died from the novel corona virus.

The government had been heavily criticized for its long reluctance to deal with the Corona crisis. It was only after most of the EU countries that she called on people to avoid unnecessary travel. At the beginning of the pandemic, Britain, unlike most other countries affected by the corona virus, had adopted the concept of herd immunization, in which as many people as possible should become infected. The government has now rejected this strategy and is now focusing on social distancing. In the UK, restaurants, cafes, pubs, cinemas and gyms are now closed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on his fellow countrymen to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday differently than usual. In Britain, millions of people usually flock to their parents that day. However, since these are likely to belong to the risk group, the best gift is not to visit them, says Johnson. Instead, you should call them, make a video conference or skype, the prime minister said.
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