Coronavirus: Russia's head of state recommends curfews

Russia's prime minister has recommended further measures to be taken in the country's fight against the novel corona virus. Mikhail Mishustin suggested a nationwide curfew on Monday. The governors and chiefs of the administrations should pay attention to the experience in Moscow and make appropriate preparations, said Mishustin. "It is now our job to curb the spread of the virus." In Moscow, only the way to work, the supermarket or the pharmacy is allowed, as well as bringing out garbage and walking the dog.

Most of the Corona cases are registered in Russia in Moscow. According to official information, there are more than 1000 people infected, and the curfew there has been in effect since Monday. At the start of the week there were fewer people on the sidewalks, squares and in the metro of the capital than usual. There were no major traffic jams on the normally crowded streets either Wladimir Putin. The president had declared jobless nationwide this week to curb the increase in infections. Russia also closed its borders on Monday. Air and train connections abroad have not been possible for days.

The capping of the transit routes brings with it completely new problems: Many guest workers from the Central Asian countries live in Russia. In Moscow alone there are more than two million, mainly from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Many of them are now stuck at the capital airports Wnukowo, Schukowski and Domodedowo.
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