Does new catalog of punishments deter ?: Speeders use empty streets for races

              The streets swept across Germany because of the Corona crisis apparently lead some incorrigible people to stupid thoughts: Speeders are increasingly involved in illegal races. At the same time, the cabinet clears the way for a new penalty catalog, which is supposed to hit traffic offenders much more sensitively.
              The ADAC has reacted with incomprehension to the latest known cases of frenzy on roads on which there is significantly less traffic than usual in the Corona crisis. "Obviously, the quiet traffic situation is sometimes misused for frenzy – this is unacceptable and in no way comprehensible," said ADAC traffic president Gerhard Hillebrand to the newspapers of the Funke media group. "I can only appeal to the minds of the people, no unnecessary dangers to provoke, "said Hillebrand further:" Our emergency services are busy. " According to media reports, illegal car races on empty streets have repeatedly occupied the police over the past few days, while the Federal Cabinet has formally taken note of a decision by the Federal Council in February, which in some cases provides for fines and other traffic offenders to increase significantly – this is the way for one whole bundle of new traffic rules finally free. The aim of the Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer's amendment was, among other things, that cyclists get through cities more safely and comfortably. It is not yet clear when the changes will come into effect – "in a nutshell", as a spokesman said. Even if the speed is exceeded at a lower rate than before, driving may be banned for one month – more than allowed in urban areas at 21 kilometers per hour. Depending on the severity of the case, up to 100 euros may be charged for parking on footpaths and bike paths. Stopping on so-called protective strips for cyclists is prohibited. Just like parking or stopping in the second row and on footpaths and cycle paths, you can even be punished with a point in the fitness register if others are hindered or endangered or if you park for more than an hour. Many increases in fines were not originally envisaged in a parking space for severely disabled people will have to pay 55 euros instead of 35 in future, parking in narrow or confusing street spaces will cost 35 euros instead of 15. A general stop and parking violation will be punished in the future instead of up to 15 with up to 25 euros. It becomes much more expensive to drive on sidewalks, left-hand cycle paths and hard shoulder, the penalty increases from 25 to up to 100 euros. Anyone who drives uselessly back and forth in town and thereby annoys others can be fined with 100 euros instead of the previous 20. ADAC also made a critical statement about the decision: "The sanctions for speeding violations have been significantly tightened. Fines are significantly higher and driving bans will be imposed earlier, "said ADAC traffic president Hillebrand. The distinction between light, normal and gross violations is partially abandoned. "We think that's wrong. A distinction should be made between carelessness and a gross violation," he said. Many increases in fines were initially not included in Scheuer's plans, but were added by the Federal Council. The Federal Government then had only the choice to drop the complete amendment or to accept the changes. Scheuer planned, among other things, tougher penalties for the unauthorized use of an emergency lane. Several times, there had been outrage in which drivers wanted to avoid such a traffic jam. This can be followed and punished in the same way in the future as if no rescue alley was formed for the emergency services. There are fines of up to 320 euros as well as a month's driving ban and two points in the driving suitability register.

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