Drugs against Covid-19 ?: Trump's "gift of God" claims fatalities

              In the middle of the corona crisis, US President Trump is drawn to a drug recommendation – with fatal consequences. A person then dies as a result of self-medication with a malaria drug that has not yet been approved against Covid-19. Another is poisoned with a detergent.
              US President Donald Trump has described the malaria drug Cloroquin, which has not yet been approved for use against the corona virus, as a possible "gift from God" in the fight against the pandemic. "Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak, I think this combination probably looks very, very good," Trump said on Monday, referring to initial tests with the pharmaceuticals. According to a NBC report, Trump's comments on chloroquine raised false hopes among some U.S. citizens. A woman from Arizona ended up in the hospital after taking chloroquine, her husband died of poisoning from the preparation. Infectiologists warned of any medication not prescribed by a doctor. The health service Banner Health also reported on its website the case of a man who died after taking chloroquine phosphate, which is commonly used to clean aquariums. His wife is therefore in mortal danger. Banner Health warned patients not to treat themselves with symptoms of Covid-19 or to take medication to protect themselves from infection on their own. Trump said at the press conference on Monday that there was "a real chance that the virus would not have an enormous effect" on the treatment of the virus approved drug spoken. "It would be a gift from God if it helped (against the corona virus)," the president had said. He cited the example of a patient who had recovered after taking chloroquine. Criticism of Trump's drug recommendation Already last week, Trump had stated that his government wanted to procure large amounts of hydroxychoroquine and chloroquine for research into a drug for the treatment of Covid's lung disease To enable -19. Initial trials with the two substances in France and China had shown that corona patients responded to the medication, but scientists have repeatedly criticized Trump's medication recommendations. Some fear bottlenecks in skin tuberculosis and rheumatism medications based on chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. The well-known US infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci also emphasized that large-scale clinical studies must first take place before the effectiveness of a drug is guaranteed. According to Johns Hopkins University, there are just under 44,000 coronavirus infections in the United States, and 560 people have already died.

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