Elite: Who Killed Polo?

 Season 3 of the Netflix show Elite not only shows fans plenty of sex. The series is also not afraid of violence and blood. Especially the death of the main character Polo caused shock to the audience. For many, the question arises of who killed the student and for what reason. Here we tell you about Polo's murderers.
Already the first trailer for the third season of Elite led to a lot of speculation and theories among the fans. Who is responsible for Polo's death and what was the reason for the murder? That's exactly what Elite answers in the last episode. The surprising ending tells us whether Samuel, Guzmán, Lu, Valerio, Ander, Omar, Carla, Rebe, Cayetana, Malick or Yeray killed the handsome student.
Season 3 is told using flashbacks that eventually lead to the night that Polo is killed. The last episode starts after Polo has confessed to his parents that he is responsible for Marina's death. Polo asks her to enable the Columbia scholarship for Lu and Nadia because the two urgently need it. Because Lu was expelled from her parents and Nadia was denied her scholarship after a sex video of her and Guzmán showed up. Polo then goes to the final party in Las Encinas to talk to Lu about the situation.
Samu sees Polo and tries to kill him with a knife, but Guzmán stops him. Polo tells Guzmán that he wants to face the police over Marina's murder. Drunk Lu breaks a bottle of champagne and picks up a shard of it. In a bathroom she finally meets Polo and confronts him again. Lu claims that Polo did a lot of harm to her friends. The two argue before Lu accidentally sticks the bottle into Polo's chest. Polo stumbles out of the bathroom with his last strength and falls through a window.
The friends come up with a plan to protect Lu from the consequences. When later questioned by the police, they claim that someone else was in the bathroom with Polo. Without concrete evidence, his death is ultimately declared suicide and Lu innocent.

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