Escape Room 2: Theatrical release postponed again

 The horror movie Escape Room grossed over $ 155 million with a budget of just $ 9 million. No wonder that Sony ordered a second part months ago. But the sequel to director Adam Robitel and screenwriter Bragi F. Schut is still a long time coming. The date has been postponed again, and the global phenomenon of escape rooms is currently more popular than ever. So it stands to reason that a horror film about the actually harmless pastime also appeared. The film with the relevant name Escape Room was released in February 2019 and, despite the extremely low costs, was able to generate a decent box office result. Sony decided last year to shoot a sequel again with director Robitel and screenwriter Schut. Although the filming is already underway, the project doesn't seem to be making any progress.
After Escape Room 2 was due to appear in April 2020, the sequel has now been postponed to September 2020. Now the date slips even further towards the end of 2020. The new start date for Escape Room 2 is December 30, 2020. In addition to the returnees Taylor Russel and Logan Miller, this time the newcomers Thomas Cocquerel, Isabelle Fuhrman, Carlito Olivero, Indya Moore and See Holland Roden. Isabelle Fuhrman is probably the best-known actress of the newcomers. The 23-year-old became known in 2009 in the psychological thriller Orphan – The Orphan, in which she played the main role.
On the part of the makers, they are looking forward to the sequel, and thanks to Adam Robitel, they already know that the director still has some new tricks in store. Robitel released a video of the set via Twitter at the end of last year and reported that fans can look forward to a lot of action and madness.

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