Final Destination 6: New Story Details

 In 2011, Final Destination 5 was the last part of the Final Destination series. We recently learned that we are finally working on another film. Final Destination 6 should differ from its predecessors. This is now confirmed by new details that have become known about the plot. In January 2019, it was announced that fans of Final Destination could finally look forward to a new part of the bloody cult series. To this end, two fresh screenwriters were brought on board to take care of the history of the blockbuster: Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, who have also worked on the Saw series. Craig Perry will be a producer. In an interview, Perry recently revealed what plans you have for Final Destination 6.
Perry told Digital Spy which issues should be the main focus: "We are thinking about making the whole thing happen in the world of first aiders: paramedics, firefighters and police officers. These people face death every day and make decisions that can lead to the death or survival of others. "
So far, much is known about the exact story of Final Destination 6. However, Jeffrey Reddick, the creator of the series, seems to like Perry's ideas. Reddick reveals: "Craig [Perry] is a master at imagining crazy scenarios. He told me a lot about what's going on in this film and it'll be a lot of fun."
At this point, the film is likely to be in a very early stage. The film is to be produced by New Line Cinema, who have also worked on the conjuring films and Es, among others. Since it is a restart in the form of a reboot, we can probably count on fresh actors in the cast.

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