Girls Just Wanna Have Blood Trailer

The story of Girls Just Wanna Have Blood Trailer: Jessica is tired of her boring life. Her mother uses the bottle too often and quickly becomes aggressive. Her little brother is also just annoying. The moods of the teenage years are even more extreme than their surroundings can be. After all, the bullying by your classmates gets the barrel overflowing! In her search for new social support, Jessica comes across a group of vampires. The three extraverted characters are very happy about the young addition, but Jessica is still not sure what the decision will mean for her future life. Before she thinks about the effects of her actions, she finds herself again between excessive orgies, sleepless nights and bloodsucking parties. Above all, reacting to male victims appeals to her very much. Can she still make the jump out of this informal world? And does she want that at all? Actors: Gigi Gustin, Bettina Skye, Kirk Ponton, Destyne Marshai, David M. Sitbon, Lehze Flax, Amanda Renee, Charles Glover, Kate Blackwell, Craig Kelly, Penny Praline, Ilene Sullivan
Directed by Anthony Catanese
Production: Robin Bukhari, Joseph Kuzemka,
Screenplay: Anthony Catanese
Background: The low-budget horror strip combines the fascination for sexy bloodsuckers with sophisticated situation comedy. Maybe the movie will make the Twilight glitter vampires lose their appeal, but who cares? In Girls Just Wanna Have Blood the victims are properly felt. Bloody and funny!
Country of production & year: USA 2019
Roles: Gigi GustinStacyBettina SkyeLucyKirk PontonQuanDestyne MarshaiTrishDavid M. SitbonVals DadLehze FlaxHookerAmanda ReneeJessicaCharles GloverBikerKate BlackwellHigh School PupilCraig KellyBoris Von YelsingPenny PralineAprilinikerBleneIull Sullivan

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