Good films: epidemics and pandemics

 If we believed these films, the world would be in peril! Deadly viruses and incurable diseases are lurking everywhere. Fortunately, despite the tense situation in reality, we can say that we are not in an end-time scenario. In the film world, on the other hand, this story has been taken up frequently: Here are eight films worth seeing, ranging from escaping invisible killers to foam at the mouth. These include classics such as 12 monkeys and outbreak, but also more modern pandemic scenarios, such as in I Am Legend or Contagion. The Netflix film Cargo is also impressive.
Most of you are in the virus area and tied to the couch anyway. That would be the perfect time for a proper movie night about epidemics and pandemics. Stay healthy!


Thriller trailer

A killer virus takes humanity away in a few days. The fear of being infected spreads almost faster than the virus. It's about bare survival and developing a cure. Trailer for the pandemic thriller contagion.


Thriller trailer

A virus has mutated and affected people. A cure is not in sight. The epidemic has wiped out almost all of humanity. Trailer for the thriller carrier.


Thriller trailer

The US virologist and military doctor Sam Daniels is investigating a novel virus in Africa that can lead to death within a few days. It is an aggressive, rapidly spreading Ebola variant. Outbreak – silent killer.


Horror trailer

Brilliant end-time blockbuster with Will Smith. Apparently the last person, he fights for survival in a world littered with zombies. An intelligent story paired with a lot of action! The trailer for the sci-fi horror flick I Am Legend.


Thriller trailer

The year 2035. The surface of the earth is depopulated after a virus disaster in 1996 killed almost all of humanity. The few survivors have found refuge in an underworld system. 12 monkeys.


Drama trailer

Post-apocalyptic conditions prevail and Australia is not spared the outbreak of the zombie plague. A young family has retired to a houseboat, but they are not safe there either. Cargo trailer.


Action trailer

A serum should be able to heal the brain and put it in a perfect condition. When tested with monkeys, the animals develop a high level of intelligence. This begins the struggle for supremacy on Earth: Planet The Apes 1 – Prevolution.


Horror trailer

Most people have become infected and become violent monsters. However, one man speaks the language of the infected. Is it the key to healing the survivors? First trailer for the horror strip Patient Zero.


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