Good films that are now 25 years old

They came to the cinema in 1995 and made film history. These movies touched, captivated or excited us. It's hard to believe that they are already 25 years old.


The Russian mafia group Janus has brought “Goldeneye”, two satellites whose electromagnetic radiation destroys all electrical devices in the vicinity of a target, under their control. James Bond 007 – GoldenEye.


Cool cops in the action fire. Police officers Burnett and Lowrey have to recover confiscated heroin. And within 72 hours, otherwise your department will be closed. Trailer for Bad Boys.


13-year-old Jim Carroll grew up in poor social conditions in a poor neighborhood in New York. But he has a chance to escape misery because he is a talented basketball player, which gives him a scholarship to a renowned Catholic high school. Jim Carroll – In The Streets Of New York.


Trailer for the film Apollo 13. 205,000 miles from Earth, astronauts Jim Lovell (Hanks), Fred Haise (Paxton) and Jack Swigert (Bacon) fight desperately for their lives in a non-functional space capsule. Apollo 13.


It's not McClane's day today. His wife has left him, his boss has suspended him from work and some crazy man has just chosen him as an opponent in a devilish game Die Slow 3.


Ingeniously staged mystery thriller by director David Fincher, who confronts Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman with the seven deadly sins. Seven.


Trailer for the film Santa Clause 1 – a nice mess. Family father Scott Calvin (star comedian TIM ALLEN) gets into an unexpected predicament on Christmas Eve: Santa Claus has just fallen off Scott's roof and is lying unconscious in the snow. Santa Clause.


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