Grey's Anatomy Season 16 is much shorter than planned due to Corona

 What a setback for all Grey's Anatomy fans. Filming for the upcoming 16th season was not only interrupted early by the Corona crisis, but also cannot be resumed. There are fewer new episodes for you than originally planned. We show the full extent here.
The world is lame and the film and series sets are also directly affected. Where no scene can be captured with the camera, there are no new episodes. This was how the Greys Anatomy production company got hit very early. Now the ripcord has been pulled and season 16 ends prematurely. This is to prevent the broadcast from being shifted further back. The risk for the people on the set would simply be too great, because in addition to the actors, many crew members also have to come to work. In view of the severe corona situation, those responsible see themselves forced to take this drastic step in order not to promote infection.
The drawback to the situation, however, is that there are not going to be 25 episodes. The filming of the popular drama series was still ongoing. Four planned consequences fall victim to the forced cut. So unfortunately you only get 21 to see at the TV launch date. It remains to be seen whether this will be postponed. The series of doctors has traditionally been on the air from September. Due to the corona pandemic, however, no upcoming date is currently safe, neither in the cinema nor on TV.
Fortunately, there is a bright spot to be announced. Despite the difficult situation, continuing Grey's Anatomy is already a done deal. season 17 will come. When is still in the stars, but we will keep you up to date.

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