How does professional football continue ?: DFL probably also discusses league termination

              German professional football has never before faced so many open questions about the future as it does today. During these hours, the 36 first and second division clubs will be discussing the consequences of the corona crisis at the DFL general assembly. A demolition scenario should also be on the table.
              When and within what framework can football be played again? How can the impending loss of revenue be minimized? Who could help whom in need? The bosses of the 36 professional clubs have been looking for answers to these and other existential questions at the general meeting of the German Football League since 10.30 a.m. From the video conference with the DFL head around managing director Christian Seifert, the industry hopes to first show how the corona crisis can be overcome. Money: First and foremost, it's about the economic consequences. The coronavirus pandemic could have a dramatic impact on many clubs, especially from the second division. But also the big ones have to tighten their belts. The magic word that the club officials have tried repeatedly in recent days is solidarity. The distribution key for the TV funds, a possible solidarity fund, but also transitional financing in the event of missing tranches from the media revenues are being put to the test. Ghost games: It is already clear that a continuation of the game, which will initially be suspended until April 30 – a corresponding decision at the general meeting is a matter of form – will only be possible without a spectator. This affects the clubs, which suffer millions of losses as a result. However, these would be many times higher if the season had to be stopped completely. A viable concept is therefore needed of how the 163 outstanding games in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga can be carried out with the consent of politics and the health authorities. Thinking ban has long since ceased. Even an end of the season only came into play in September. Unity: This is essential when dealing with the corona crisis, if the entire construction of professional football should not seriously falter. However, it will not be easy to find a common language for all topics. After all, the individual clubs are in competition. A controversy recently was the different handling of team training. Not all clubs complied with the DFL's request to start again on April 6th. Oliver Ruhnert, managing director of the promoted 1. FC Union Berlin, criticized this as "weak". Possible end of the season: Apparently, an end to the 2019/20 Bundesliga season is still possible, as reported by "". The DFL is considering a scenario for this – even if a voluntary demolition, such as in ice hockey, will not happen due to the loss of millions. But if ghost games would continue to be banned, then the DFL would have their hands tied and a termination could become a reality. It is still completely unclear whether the season would be declared void or whether the latest status of the table would apply. The DFL also has the case in mind that the season could not be played to the end. For this, she "asked lawyers and business economists to find solutions to minimize the risk of successful claims for damages by clubs against a" wrong "closing table", writes "".

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