How the sports world reacts to the Olympic postponement

The postponement of the Olympic Games in Tokyo is very popular in the sports world. The reactions of the athletes and associations at a glance:

Alfons Hörmann (DOSB President): "The now quick and clear decision to postpone the Olympic and Paralympic Games is a correct and enormously important step for international sport and the entire world community. This helps the athletes in particular by and relieving qualifications in this difficult phase. The move confirms to the world population that everything in sports is being done to bring the global pandemic under control as soon as possible. "

Jonathan Koch (athlete spokesman DOSB): "It is nice that those responsible have an understanding at the IOC and are now showing solidarity with the world community. As sad as the shift for every athlete's heart may be, it is to be welcomed that the conflict training requirements and a behavior based on solidarity with society as a whole is resolved by the decision. […] But now it is first of all necessary for all people to survive this crisis so that everyone – including sports – can return to normality and predictability. "Fritz Keller (DFB- President): "Thomas Bach and the IOC have now made the responsible decision. Now all sport is at a standstill to protect human lives. This worldwide solidarity, which is currently not only experienced by the players in sport, is a strong and encouraging sign in times of crisis. " Stefan Kuntz (U21 national team coach): "Now we have to wait a year longer, then hopefully there will be equal opportunities in terms of qualification and preparation of the athletes. At the moment there is only one goal: to protect the health of people around the world Then we can focus on sport again. "Gianni Infantino (FIFA President):" FIFA firmly believes that the health and well-being of everyone involved in sport should always be a top priority, and we welcome it we make today's decision of the IOC. "Makoto Hasebe (soccer player, Eintracht Frankfurt):" It is the right decision to host the Olympics next year. Japan and Tokyo will be a great host and we all hope that we will have this event in 2021 without enjoying the current worries. "Robert Harting (discus Olympic champion):" Anything but to face world health and the Respectfully adjusting the staging period would make the IOC a criminal. Because the United Nations has declared health a human right. It is insane that a virus leads to the postponement of the Olympics. There will also be extreme shifts in the economy, including for athletes. This will also lead to a shift in performance. "Thomas Röhler (Javelin Throwing Olympic Champion):" Many played an active part in this decision and ultimately successfully. It has been shown that if everyone pulls together, athletes and national associations, then you are not powerless. That's why it's a joyful moment for me. The Olympic dream is not over, it will only be postponed by a year. "Isabell Werth (Olympic dressage champion):" That is what we all asked for and expected. It has gotten a bit more emotional in the past few days. I hope that calm will return and we will focus on the essentials. Now we hope to get through the next few weeks, alright, hopefully, and then we will continue to plan. We also want to see first that we can return to normal life and normal competition. And from there we can see again what is coming, how what is going on and when we have to prepare. "Kristina Vogel (ex-track cyclist):" It was clear to everyone: the Olympic Games are being postponed … where many are fighting for your life, people are afraid for their livelihoods, how should the games take place there? Sport gives so much to society. But we want to enjoy all the Olympic Games as they can be: fairytale, fascinating, surprising! The Olympic Games have an impact all over the world. More than just the medals I've been able to win. This is not about any qualification competitions and training camps … I'm glad that the sports world is now a relief. Plannability, take a deep breath and above all: athletes, coaches, supervisors who no longer have to put themselves in danger. What a difficult and far-reaching decision from the IOC and Japan. I'm looking forward to the breathtaking Paralympic and Olympic Games 2020. "Bob Hanning (Vice President DHB):" It was the only correct and understandable decision. This is good news for sport and good news for the world. Now we have another goal that all participants can focus on and prepare for. But now I keep my fingers crossed that the number of infected people is falling and that we are getting more and more healthy people from the hospitals. "Ingo Weiss (President DBB):" That is the right decision, also in the knowledge that there are so many Hang things on. The IOC and the Organizing Committee will have a lot of work to do. But if anyone can do it, it will be the Japanese with the backing of the IOC and international trade associations. […] I would not approve the relocation of the European Championship. My stand is that we will play the European Championship in September. When we have a definite date for Olympia, we will decide and react. We look forward to our big event. "Jürgen Kessing (President DLV):" I think that after the postponement of the Olympic Games to 2021, many will be relieved. As a German Athletics Association, we have no longer seen equal opportunities due to different training and doping control conditions. "Martin Kaymer (golfer):" In the current situation, it is the absolutely right decision. If you look at the big picture of what's going on in the world at the moment, you should concentrate on other things than hosting the biggest sporting event in the world. "Niklas Kaul (decathlon world champion):" I hope we can every 2021 get the games we dream of. Now is the time to work on the weaknesses – which of course I don't like. "Bernd Berkhahn (National Swimming Trainer):" The decision takes a lot of pressure off the sports world. We are glad that the decision has now been made for a much later time, so that the wishes of the DSV athletes will also be fulfilled. In order to be able to start planning further, however, we still have to wait for the exact date for 2021. "Thomas Kurschilgen (competitive sports director DSV):" I very much welcome the fact that the IOC followed the Japanese Prime Minister's proposal and did not act as originally planned left four weeks. This is a responsible decision and the important sign that everyone has been waiting for in the world of sports. It corresponds to the needs of our Olympic team athletes, leaves room for future sport planning and gives priority to health and social problems. "Marcel Nguyen (Turner):" There was no alternative. Hopefully we can celebrate a big party in Tokyo in 2021 – and this senseless training in the garden has now come to an end. "Faris Al-Sultan (DTU national coach):" After the decision has now been made, we can meet with the athletes, adjust the trainer and the supervisor to the new situation. The pressure of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in summer is gone for now. The big challenge above all for the athletes, however, is now to maintain motivation. We will adjust the training plans and the training control accordingly in coordination with the exercise bikes, so that you can intervene in the competition again relatively quickly, as soon as this is possible again. "Marco Koch (breast swimmer):" Of course, the career for a 30- It's not that long for people like me, but I'm now firmly aiming for 2021. I hope that my standard time that has already been fulfilled will continue to be taken into account. And if not, I will swim it again. "Sarah Köhler (Vice World Champion over 1500m freestyle):" I have already set a world record this season and last time in the training camp it went really well – that I am not in good shape in this Being able to use summer is a shame. "Patrick Hausding (water jumper):" I have been mentally concerned with the effects for a few days and am now tackling the additional year. "

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