Municipalities require tolls on all roads

Lower Saxony's municipalities are in favor of extending the truck toll from motorways and federal highways to the entire German road network. This is necessary because "Trucks that bypass the toll on federal roads also avoid district and municipal roads and cause damage there," said a spokesman for the Lower Saxony City and Community Association (NSGB) of the dpa. Some larger municipalities are involved in the toll revenue, but so far only with a relatively small total. The Greens had already proposed higher shares for cities and municipalities – if they invest the money wisely in the transport infrastructure.

Since July 2018, transport companies have also had to pay tolls for the use of the federal road network. This applies to trucks over 7.5 tons. Since around eight percent of the federal highways are directed by the federal states, some municipalities also get a share, for example, for transit through towns. According to reports, the amount in Lower Saxony in the first year was just around 917,000 euros. Only Osnabrück, Göttingen, Oldenburg, Hildesheim, Celle, Hanover, Salzgitter, Wolfsburg and Braunschweig received the corresponding payments, and because of the frequent alternate trips on state, district and municipal roads, the multi-billion toll should be put on an even broader basis NSGB: "Potholes, noise and dirty air are not only a problem for federal highways, but above all for the streets in the municipalities. If only large cities benefit, the system is not correct, since citizens in small towns and communities are also under the Suffer from traffic and have to pay the damage to community roads through their taxes. "

The Greens' transport expert in the Bundestag, Stephan Kühn, recently suggested that the share of revenue for the municipalities be increased under certain conditions – for example, if the funds flow into bicycle or footpaths: "The money should not go somewhere in the household, but should be earmarked for the security of weaker road users should be invested. (…) Therefore, municipalities should benefit more from the income from the truck toll in the future. "The NSGB agreed to such criteria. "If we had more income here in the countryside, we could put this money into our infrastructure, which was already disadvantaged there anyway." Extending the truck toll to all roads would, according to estimates by the German Association of Cities and Municipalities, bring in additional revenues of around 4.4 billion euros. "We hope that the Federal Ministry of Transport supports us here."

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