Night Sisters: Season 2 Has Start Date at RTL

 Violence on the road, bizarre do-it-yourself accidents, aggressive germs, attacks on rescue workers and life-threatening teenage tests of courage – the night service team of the Cologne emergency department is always faced with something very special in the second season of the RTL Medical series "Night Sisters" Challenges.
The sisters, nurses and doctors at the Cologne West Clinic (KKW) also have to deal with their private involvement. RTL shows 10 new episodes from Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 8.15 p.m., initially in double episodes, and from episode 17 (May 19, 2020) each in single episodes. Ines Quermann as nurse Ella and Mimi Fiedler as ward manager Nora are back in the skin roles. In addition: Oliver Franck as Dr. Sebastian Sander, Marc Dumitru as Dr. Jan Kühnert, Valerie Huber as sister student Kiki, Nassim Avat as swarm & nurse Karim Asfari, and from episode 7 Sila Sahin-Radlinger as receptionist Samira.
The new medical series was particularly well received by the young women from May to July 2019. Here the "night sisters" achieved a strong 16.9 percent on average. The market share for 14- to 59-year-olds was 9.9 percent and for 14- to 49-year-old viewers was 11.7 percent.
Three new actresses enrich the main cast of the "Night Sisters": Linda Marlen Runge (known as Anni Brehme from GZSZ), brings as a young, but very competent assistant doctor Dr. Leonie Mertens with a lot of idealism. Sarah Hannemann (known as Joe Johlke from "Unter Uns") plays the quick-witted and communicative young nurse Meike Lutz, who dares to even say a word to doctors. Jana Schölermann (wife of Thore Schölermann and known as Jessica Stiehl from "Forbidden Love") primarily takes up her new position in the emergency room in order to Snapping Jan Kühnert – the son of the chief doctor. If there is serious competition, it will extend its claws.
"Night Sisters" convinces in all episodes with strong private stories of the night shift team. In the foreground are the interpersonal relationships of the night shift team, especially the conflict-filled friendship between Ella and Nora. Two women who couldn't be more different – and still form a perfect team. The main focus of the series is on the nurses, who together with the doctors manage the fast-paced everyday life in the nightly emergency room. Stress and hustle and bustle are omnipresent, just like jealousy, wrangling for skills, gossip and gossip. But when it matters, the team stays together – and saves lives together.
"Nachtschwestern" is a production of the UFA Serial Drama on behalf of RTL. The producer is Markus Brunnemann. The executive producers are Annette Herre and Sarah Höflich, who, as head writer, is responsible for the scripts together with her team of authors. Directed by Chris Heininger, Christian Singh, Gudrun Scheerer and Tina Kriwitz. RTL executive producers are Christiane Ghosh and Katharina Katzenberger.

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