Ostwind 5 Trailer The Great Hurricane

  Image of Ostwind 5 – The Great Hurricane

The story of Ostwind 5 Trailer The Great Hurricane: A violent summer storm drives a traveling horse circus show to Kaltenbach. Ari (Luna Paiano), who has settled in well at the stud farm, is magically attracted to the fascinating world of art riding and wants to help an old show horse with the circus boy Carlo (Matteo Miska) and Ostwinds help. But when fanatic circus director Yiri (Gedeon Burkhard) exposes her daring plan, Ostwind is in danger. At the last moment Mika (Hanna Binke) returns from Canada, because only together can Mika and Ari succeed in saving their beloved east wind … Actors: Gedeon Burkhard, Tilo Prückner, Cornelia Froboess
Directed by Lea Schmidbauer
Production: Ewa Karlström, Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton
Script: Lea Schmidbauer
Background: Nobody knows Ostwind, Mika and Ari better than script and novelist Lea Schmidbauer. Therefore, the producers Ewa Karlström and Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton decided to entrust the direction to her at OSTWIND – DER GROSSE ORKAN, the last great cinema adventure of the successful horse series. Luna Paiano, Hanna Binke, Amber Bongard, Marvin Linke, Tilo Prückner and Cornelia Froboess will be in front of the camera again. The new cast members include Newcomer Matteo Miska as circus boy Carlo, Nils Brunkhorst as his father Nicolai and Gedeon Burkhard as circus director Yiri. SamFilm realizes OSTWIND – DER GROSSE ORKAN in co-production with Constantin Film and is funded by FFF Bayern, HessenFilm und Medien, FFA, and DFFF.
Roles: Gedeon BurkhardYiriTilo PrücknerMerr KaanCornelia FroboessMaria Kaltenbach

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