Rock Hard – QUEENSRYCHE: Todd La Torre wants to use Coronavirus break for work on solo album


16.03.2020, 19:25

QUEENSRYCHE frontman Todd La Torre wants to take advantage of the band's forced hiatus from the coronavirus pandemic to complete the songwriting process for his solo album.

The worldwide spread of the new corona virus has forced many bands to cancel and postpone their tours. This also includes QUEENSRYCHE, who cannot realize their shows and events as part of the current studio record "The Verdict". As frontman Todd La Torre announced on Facebook, he wants to take advantage of his main band's corona break to work on his solo album. Together with his best buddy Craig Blackwell, La Torre has had the untitled solo work for some time now. In addition, QUEENSRYCHE would also like to use the time to come up with ideas for the follow-up disc of their 2019 release "The Verdict" tinker.


Author: Simon Bauer

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