Rock Hard – RAMMSTEIN: Till Lindemann tested negative for coronavirus


27.03.2020, 20:45

Contrary to media reports, RAMMSTEIN announce that Till Lindemann has been tested negative for the coronavirus. However, the singer spent one night in the intensive care unit.

RAMMSTEIN have reacted to the reports of numerous newspapers and media and published a statement on the health status of their singer. Accordingly, Till Lindemann would have spent one night in the intensive care unit, but the test for the corona virus was negative. The band's official statement reads like this: "Till Lindemann was admitted to a hospital by the band's doctor last night. Till spent one night in the intensive care unit and is being transferred to another ward today because he is doing better. The test on the corona virus was negative. "Several newspaper and media reports initially stated that Till Lindemann (photo center) had pneumonia and a very high fever from the emergency doctor to the hospital after a LINDEMANN concert in Moscow on March 15 had been delivered and tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. RAMMSTEIN have now refuted that with their statement, but of course get well soon, Till!


Author: Alexandra Michels

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