Rock Hard – TESTAMENT: Chuck Billy talks about his Covid 19 disease


26.03.2020, 15:36

TESTAMENT front man Chuck Billy and his wife, like other fellow travelers on the European tour with EXODUS and DEATH ANGEL, fell ill with Covid-19. Now Chuck talks about his experience.

In an interview with "The Metal Voice" Chuck (photo 2nd from right) reports that he felt sick when he returned to the Bay Area, but was initially unable to be tested. In various conversations with the other tour participants, Chuck heard about very similar symptoms like body aches, fever, headache and cough: "So we knew immediately: Oh great. We had to catch something. I didn't get a fever, just cough and headache and I just felt tired. And then we could finally do our test, a drive-through test, when you pull up in your car, crank down the window, smear it, and you go on. It takes about seven days here until you get your result. Between the test and the result, we were slowly getting better (…). At the moment, my wife and I are in quarantine and sitting down. And the more days go by, the better we get. "


Author: Alexandra Michels

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