Rock Hard – WOLFHEART: 'Hail Of Steel' music video is online


20.03.2020, 18:40

WOLFHEART show an official video clip for their new song 'Hail Of Steel'. The upcoming album "Wolves Of Karelia" will be released on April 10th.

With the brand new song 'Hail Of Steel', WOLFHEART offer the next foretaste of their upcoming longplayer "Wolves Of Karelia". You can watch the corresponding official music video below. The new album by Finnish Melodic Death Metallers hits the record stores on April 10th through Napalm Records. "" Hail Of Steel "is an embodiment of the violent chaos of the war," comments WOLFHEART singer Tuomas Saukkonen. "The Finnish army had 32 tanks against 3000 Russian tanks, 114 planes against 3800 Russian planes, three times larger troops, etc., so these Finns actually saw steel and fire raining down from the sky." The "Wolves Of Karelia" tracklist: 1. Hail Of Steel 2. Horizon On Fire 3. Reaper 4. The Hammer5. Eye Of The Storm 6. Born From Fire 7. Arrows Of Chaos 8. AshesWOLFHEART are: Tuomas Saukkonen: Guitar, Vocals Joonas Kauppinen: Drums Lauri Silvonen: Bass, Backing Vocals Vagelis Karzis: Session GuitarSee the 'Hail Of Steel' music video here :


Author: Simon Bauer

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