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Image of Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpions Revenge

The story of Scorpions Revenge Trailer: The story of the popular video game series Mortal Kombat is continued in an exciting way with the film Scorpion's Revenge. Warlock Shang Tsung wants to unite and dominate Outworld with the earth. But in doing so, he encounters powerful resistance from the residents. A conflict arises in which the greatest warriors will compete and fight each other mercilessly.Actors: Joel McHale, Jennifer Carpenter, Jordan Rodrigues, Patrick Seitz, Steve Blum, Artt Butler, Darin De Paul, Robin Atkin Downes, David B. Mitchell , Ike Amadi, Kevin Michael Richardson, Gray DeLisle, Fred Tatasciore
Directed by Ethan Spaulding
Script: Jeremy Adams
Background: The original video game behind the story of Scorpion's Revenge was developed in 1992. As the first entry in the Mortal Kombat series, the game was able to inspire many with the brutal tournament fights and the bloody martial art. For this very reason, the game and the other successors have repeatedly been the subject of discussions and hard censorship. Again and again bans and high youth releases were imposed, which tried to contain the depictions of violence. For many fans, however, that is exactly one of the reasons why the franchise can still achieve great success worldwide.
Country of production & year: USA 2020
Roles: Joel McHaleJohnny CageJennifer CarpenterSonya BladeJordan RodriguesLiu KangPatrick SeitzScorpionSteve BlumSub-ZeroArtt ButlerShang TsungDarin De PaulQuan ChiRobin Atkin DownesKanoDavid B. MitchellRaidenIke AmadiJax BriggsKevin Michael RichardsisGleiitoreDr

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