The invisible because of Corona from today in the home cinema instead of in the cinema

 Horror fans can be happy because the new shocker The Invisible is now available for you in the home theater. Universal Pictures didn't bring the film to German cinemas until the end of February. Due to the worldwide cinema closings, the distribution now makes the movie a home theater blockbuster. We'll tell you where you can see him now.
Of course, the home theater release does not replace the special feeling in front of the big screen. As a replacement for everyone who wants to see the film, the decision should now be a very good compensation. Those who could no longer go to a cinema screening in good time are given the opportunity to borrow The Invisible. The cost of this is based on two cinema tickets. In Germany, the horror film from the genre smithy Blumhouse can be borrowed for 17.99 euros. The strip is already available on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and other streaming services that offer premium content for rent. For this reason, Netflix is ​​out of the offer.
In the horror shocker The Invisible is all about the question of whether the widow Cecilia is pursued by her vengeful husband or is all just imagination. During his lifetime, the woman was already suffering from the violence of her husband. After his suicide, however, Cecilia still has no peace from the tyrant. He left her a fortune, but appearances and mysterious accidents come to a head.
The normal conditions apply to the rental of the film. After ordering and paying, you have 30 days to start the home theater experience. From then on, the film is ready to be watched for 48 hours. So if it gets too scary at night, you can just keep looking the next day or start over in front of the couch in a new line-up. Make the most of the involuntary Corona vacation or the home office and treat yourself to the blockbuster by SAW author Leigh Whannell. To get you in the mood, we show you the trailer in our video player.

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