The Last Of Us: TV series comes to the game

 The popular video game The Last Of Us is made into a series. Together with rights holder Sony, Studio HBO wants to produce a series about the video game The Last Of Us, set in post-apocalyptic America, is about adult Joel and young Ellie, who are trying to survive together. A fungus has affected most people's brains and is forcing them to behave aggressively. Even if the infected are not real zombies, their bodies will decay as the infection progresses. In the fight against the infected, other survivors and the worries of everyday life in a lost civilization, Joel and Ellie not only grow together, but also meet people with whom they want to develop a cure. The video game was released by Sony for PlayStation in 2013 and is still very popular today. The Last Of Us 2 is scheduled for release in May this year.
Studio HBO has now announced on Twitter that it will film The Last Of Us as a series. Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin was hired to write the script and produce it together with Neil Druckmann, the video game's creative director. The plot of the series is said to be based on the first video game, but it is not out of the question that parts of the sequel will also be filmed.
The Last Of Us is expected to appear on Sky in Germany, after all previous HBO productions were shown there. When exactly the series will be released is still unclear, the project is still in a very early phase. Before filming can begin, actors have to be found. Fans of the game can pass the time with The Last Of Us 2 from May.

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