The Mandalorian: Age rating of the new Star Wars series

 Disney Plus has just started in Germany. The new streaming service is primarily advertised with the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. We tell you here from what age the Sci-Fi series should be viewed. Of course there is also the trailer to look forward to.
The Mandalorian is a new release from the Star Wars universe. When Disney Plus launched in Germany, ProSieben's first episode was on free TV and two episodes are available from the start. It is worth taking a look at the recommended age rating. The action highlight with numerous effects is definitely not suitable for all viewers.
Apart from the well-known Jedi Knights and the war against the Empire, The Mandalorian shows the exciting everyday life of a bounty hunter. Equipped with his Mandalorian armor, he ensures a little justice in orbit. Nasty opponents should of course not be missing. Another episode is released every week. So searching in one piece is not possible, as we are used to from Netflix. There was information to the contrary beforehand, but since March 24 it has been clear that we have to wait for the third episode.
From Disney Plus, the first two episodes with an age rating from 12 years are given. The Mandalorian is based on the FSK information for the main films and other offshoots from the Star Wars family. In order to reach as many spectators as possible and especially not to block the young fans from the exciting adventures in distant galaxies, this classification can also be extended to the entire season. Get in the mood now with the trailer in our video player.

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