The most important sports news about the corona virus on Tuesday

This article is continuously updated. Don't miss anything: For the latest developments and the most important background information, subscribe to our Coronavirus newsletter. Boateng donates to panels at 12.45 p.m .: Jérôme Boateng supports the panels in his hometown Berlin and in Munich, where he works for who plays Bayern. "In times like these it is important that we all help together," said Boateng: "We footballers are often pushed into the role of role models, but role models for me these days are all those who go through their work in the difficult situation and make sure that life goes on as much as possible, like the volunteers at the tables. "

In Munich, this emergency aid would be used to buy disposable gloves, face masks, protective suits and disinfectants. In addition, measures could be taken to maintain the required minimum distance. In Berlin, the donations flow into special editions that resulted from the closure of many issuing offices. This means that extra expenses can be co-financed for the vehicle fleet, which now supplies the needy at home.

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Sports lesson with long jump world champion Mihambo 12.30 p.m .: Malaika Mihambo invites elementary school students to their daily virtual practice lesson on YouTube in their living room. "These are uncertain times. For us athletes, but also for everyone," said the long jump world champion to the online portal "". Above all, she has an eye on the children, who are currently unable to go to school or training in their sports club. In the video, she shows exercises, talks about her everyday life and answers questions. The "Herzsprung" project is running in the Starkmacher association.

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Doping control system can start up again quickly 12.03: The National Anti-Doping Agency (Nada) has assured that the suspended control system in Germany could be quickly restarted and used for the outstanding qualifications for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. "If the situation permits, the Nada will again carry out classic doping controls," said the Nada at the request of the German Press Agency. "The logistics are still fully available and the control system can very quickly return to the usual quantity and quality start up, "it went on. Because of the corona crisis, the Nada had to stop the classic urine and blood tests.

After Corona Party – FC Schalke fined Harit 11:10: Football professional Amine Harit received a fine from his club FC Schalke 04. The confirmed Schalke sports director Jochen Schneider on request. "Yes, that's right. But there are now more important issues than the fine for the boy," said Schneider of the German Press Agency. About ten days ago, the 22-year-old midfielder was in a hookah bar in Essen with ten other people caught by the police at a corona party after the then closing time (6 p.m.). The officers called had dissolved the illicit meeting well after midnight.

For his misconduct, Harit, who later showed himself to be insightful, received a "hefty fine" from the royal blue. The "Ruhr-Nachrichten" and the "Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung" had previously reported on this. "Amine is very sorry and it will not happen again," Schneider had said after the incident. Harit also has to make a donation to a joint aid project run by Ultras Gelsenkirchen, the Revierclub and the club's own foundation "Schalke helps!" participate. The fans help to pack so-called sidekick boxes with food in compliance with hygiene regulations and to deliver them to those in need or to risk groups in Gelsenkirchen . The Association of the Italian Government made a corresponding proposal. The fund is to be financed partly by the football association and partly by a quota (one percent) on all football bets. In addition to the professional clubs, amateur clubs are also to be supported, and it is still open when the leagues can start playing again. A termination of the season is not excluded.

Athletes 'village in Lima opens its doors again at 6.56 a.m .: Seven months after the Pan American Games in Peru's capital Lima, the athletes' village with more than 1,000 apartments will open its doors to the coronavirus patients of the South American country. In two complexes up to 20 stories high, 900 beds were initially released for intensive care. On Monday, Peru with its 33 million inhabitants reported 24 deaths from the new lung disease and 950 confirmed cases. Hospital on the US Open grounds Part of the US Open site in the New York borough of Queens will become a hospital in view of the dramatically worsening situation in the American metropolis. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the national tennis association USTA of the "New York Post". The Wall Street Journal had first reported that a 350-bed training facility will primarily treat Covid-19 sufferers, while Louis Armstrong Stadium will provide 25,000 meals a day to patients, health workers and school children. The US Open date from August 24 will be held for the time being, New York is particularly hard hit by the Corona pandemic. Almost 40,000 people are infected in the city, more than 900 died.

United States rugby association broke 2.40pm: The American rugby association has filed for bankruptcy. As USA Rugby announced on its website, the loss of income from the pandemic was too much in the already difficult financial situation of the association. Sponsors would have reduced or stopped payments. In cooperation with the world association World Rugby, the ability of USA rugby to act is to be maintained, and the national teams are also to continue to play. Brazil's football sponsor is released from prison 1.40 a.m .: Former Brazilian soccer official José Maria Marin is jailed for reasons including: Spread of the coronavirus. This was ordered by a court in New York, according to Brazilian media, the defense used the Covid-19 pandemic, Marin's advanced age (87) and his health problems as arguments for the early release of the former president of the Brazilian Football Association, CBF.Marin was sentenced to 41 months in prison in December 2017 for crimes committed during his time at the CBF leadership between 2012 and 2015: organized crime, fraud and money laundering.
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