VOX documentary: Corona – My life in a state of emergency

 The corona virus spreads at a rapid pace. On December 31, 2019, a mysterious lung disease in the far-away Chinese province of Hubei was reported for the first time.
Less than three months later, public life in Germany comes to an almost complete standstill. With increasingly drastic measures, the government is trying to curb the spread of the new virus. And in addition to the health hazard, hundreds of thousands of livelihoods are also threatened. On the occasion of these developments, VOX changes its program and shows the current documentary "Corona – My life in an emergency" on Monday, April 6th at 8:15 pm. In the two-hour program, VOX and SPIEGEL TV trace the dramatic course of the pandemic and show people whose lives have changed completely from one day to the next due to the unprecedented crisis situation. Whether children, parents, seniors, entrepreneurs or celebrities – they all face unexpected challenges.
Among other things, the program provides insights into the turbulent life of an extended family with eleven children, all of whom have to be looked after at home indefinitely. The masses of family purchases alone encourage fellow citizens to make evil sayings and accuse of buying hamsters.
And disinfection professional Marcell Engel can also be seen in the documentation. His company can hardly save himself from orders. Marcell is not afraid of the virus at work, but he knows: "If I make a mistake, lives are at stake."
VOX also shows the funeral home Dorndorf, which is currently preparing for an impending funeral wave, has removed all carpets for hygienic reasons and disinfects the mourning rooms. The traditional family business is breaking new ground and increasingly offering online funerals, in which relatives from the quarantine are switched on.
Another topic on the show: The infamous Hamburg Elbschlosskeller has to close for the first time in 70 years. Until recently, the front door didn't even have a lock, and the legendary pub was open around the clock. Now the existence of owner Daniel Schmidt and his family is threatened. Nevertheless, he wants to help and has converted his pub into a donation warehouse, he collects food and distributes it to the homeless and the needy.
VOX also visits Tim Raue. The top chef doesn't give up so quickly. After the forced closure, he quickly switched his renowned star restaurant to pick-up mode. But in times of the Corona crisis that is easier said than done. Other VOX stars such as Detlef and Nicole Steves and bridal fashion professional Uwe Herrmann also give insights into how they deal with the crisis.
The VOX documentary "Corona – My Life in a State of Emergency" on April 6th at 8:15 p.m. shows everyday heroes, gives personal insights into life in isolation, reports on the problems people are struggling with and how they are stick together in these times.

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