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The story of Wir Eltern Trailer: The parents Vero and Michi think they did everything right. But step by step they let their late pubertal twin sons cripple their lives. Neither point lists nor penalties help. Romeo and Anton are hard to get out of bed and rarely go to school. They casually play the overwhelmed parents against each other, smoke pot or gamble for hours on the computer. When they receive a generous inheritance advance from their grandfather as a birthday present, living together becomes even worse. Until the parents pull the emergency brake in an unconventional way.Actors: Eric Bergkraut, Elisabeth Niederer, Elia Bergkraut, Ruben Bergkraut, Orell Bergkraut, Hagar Admoni, Zohra Shetab, Beat Schlatter, Peter Schweiger
Directed by Eric Bergkraut, Ruth Schweikert
Production: Eric Bergkraut
Script: Ruth Schweikert, Eric Bergkraut
Background: An outrageously realistic family comedy with plenty of identification potential! What to do if the late adolescent children don't want to cut themselves off? “We Parents” tells a refreshingly humorous story of the parenting crisis in the Hotel Mama and Papa. The family comedy was shot by the Swiss couple Eric Bergkraut and Ruth Schweikert, based on their own experiences, in their own four walls with their own three sons. Only the mother is occupied by Elisabeth Niederer outside of the family. Original: Between laundry mountains and pizza boxes, experts like the family researcher Remo Largo give the overwhelmed parents tongue-in-cheek education tips. Conclusion: parents cannot not make mistakes! After the world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival 2019 and the start in Switzerland, "Wir Eltern" in German dubbed version will be released in cinemas nationwide with the original voices of the actors.
Film music: Marie-Jeanne Serero, Daniel Hobi
Country of production & year: Switzerland 2019
Roles: Eric BergkrautMichael Kamber-Gruber

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