We're Not Making a Movie Trailer

The story of We Turn No Film Trailer: In the life of actor Kurt, who is stranded as a North German in Munich, little goes smoothly. He wants to find out why this is the case by hiring a camera operator to accompany him every step of the way. The camera woman, however, loves the cinema and sees the project as a real film shoot, which Kurt doesn't like at all. Because due to his tendency to give his opinion on everything bluntly, he often infects his fellow human beings and is not only difficult for women because of this. For example, his ex-affair Sigrid accuses him of not allowing proximity. His friend Johnny, on the other hand, gives him courage and says that if Kurt only meets the right one, his fear of closeness will change itself. His ex-girlfriend Leni, on the other hand, sees it differently and recommends that he work on himself. So what to do? And then there's the camera woman who documents everything in minute detail … Actors: Michael Ransburg, Stefanie von Poser, Sonia Hauss√©guy
Directed by Ulla Geiger
Country of production & year: Germany 2018
Official websites: РFilm WebsiteRoles: Michael RansburgKurtStefanie von PoserLeniSonia HausséguyMichelle

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