Amazon Prime Video: Many channels currently free

 To make your Corona vacation easier, Amazon Prime Video provides its premium channels for one month free of charge. This means you can watch far more films and series than with the standard inclusive offer of Prime membership. Here we explain what to do to enjoy it. How annoying it got when the favorite movie was not freely available on the Prime Video stream. Most of the time, the title is then available to borrow or buy. We put a strange look on it for a long time when the film was displayed ready for download with Channel XY. With the new offer from Amazon, it is high time that we took a closer look at the channels.
A premium channel usually costs between 3 and 5 euros extra per month. The corona crisis has caused Amazon to provide more entertainment than normal for a month. For a month, over 40 channels can be subscribed to free of charge. In order to use the free offer, you must of course already be a Prime customer so that you can access the streaming offer at all.
So far, testing the additional channels was only possible for 14 days. Timely termination saves the user from monthly costs. As a support against the camp freak in your own four walls, this runtime was doubled. This gives you a whole month of free premium content.
So that you don't lose track of the over forty channels, we have arranged the most important prime channels thematically:
Hollywood classicsStudio Universal Classics, Wild West, Netzkino Select
Horror channels at Amazon Prime VideoBloody Movies, Full Moon Features, Shudder, SYFY Horror
Art house cinema and independent filmsArthouse CNMA, Mubi, realeyz, Sundance Now, Watch4 +, Good! Movies
Documentaries and reportsHistorama, Terra X, Xplore, Zeit Akademie, Auto Motor und Sport, Waidwerk, Zeit Akademie
German films and seriesAll cinema, television for the heart, ZDF Herzkino, ZDF crime thriller, ZDF Select
Music productions and recordingsMTV +, Stingray djaz, Stingray Classica, Stingray Karaoke
International films channelsBBC Player, bluTV, Cirkus, Turk on Video, TV 1000 (Russian films)
Have fun with the free month. Incidentally, each channel must be subscribed to separately. Don't forget to cancel in time if you don't want to use the offer beyond the free period. This also applies to each channel separately. If you pay attention to this, you are on the safe side.

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